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Founded in 1983, KaiDick Chemicals Co.Ltd. . started its business with its creed “Enlighten the Originality, Inspire the Trend “as the fundamentality. It is a professional company dealing with the research and production and application of automobile coating, carpentry coating, industrial coating , construction coating and decoration coating as well as various special type coatings and characteristic coatings. It invested for the production in China in 1989, and set up Shenzhen Cactus Paint Co,Ltd., initiating the professional production of carpentry coating in China with its main business of manufacturing and selling carpentry coatings. It has established a specifically responsible team to find out customer's need , supplying to the users of furniture industry technical support and consultation relating to the carpentry surface treatment, which is aimed at the correct and efficient application of our quality product for the customer.

The spirit of “bear oneself with absolute sincerity” held by the leader KaiDick company and the brand new concept of paining as well as the possession of excellent product, have won a good fame of “Cactus Brand Aristocratic Paint” in the furniture industry in China.

Board of directors of the group has paid so much attention to the fast-growing decoration market in China that it set up KaiDick (Dongguan) Paint Co,Ltd. in 1995 to specifically develop and produce decoration coatings. In 1998,it launched series OK decoration paint. It is aimed at facilitating the construction, allowing the painter to get familiar with the painting operation within a short time period; making up for the shorthanded decoration industry; and achieving perfect impression as well as reducing decoration cost by way of reasonably applying the paint. The company starts with training site builders and supplies omnidirectional painting technology for various decoration projects.

All of the raw materials selected for the products are made by world leading manufacturers. The company has maintained a close contact with raw materials around the world. The critical equipment for the production line on imported from overseas with advanced technology of 1990s, while the state-of-the-art management system in the world is applied for the operation of the whole factory.

The company has perfect quality control system to guarantee the stability and good quality of the products. Using imported testing instrument with advanced technology of 1990s and referring to German and American standards, all are subjected to the strict quality control from raw material receival through to product delivery and finally to end-use.

Today, KaiDick has been widely recognized by customers with its stead and sincere image. Except for the development in the oversea countries, it has possessed consummate business operation center, research and development center as well as 3 wholly owned factories in China . All of the trademarks and brands are registered both in HongKong and China for sole patent. Relying on its enormous scientific research force and production capacity, and sticking to the group's creed at all times, the company will make great efforts to and glorify every walk of life..



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